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I help you actualize your leadership team’s potential to deliver on your vision so that you can go away, take time off and have the freedom to do whatever you desire without fear of the business collapsing.

You’ve done it. You’ve built a successful business, but you’re stuck! Remember the good old days, when you could build and execute in a few days, not so anymore. Unlock the potential of your successful business by embracing disruption. Empower and align your teams, embed innovation into your culture, and cultivate self-reliance in your leadership. Free yourself from day-to-day tasks and watch your business thrive.

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About Me

I’m Lisa and I love a good puzzle. After witnessing the confusion that ensued after new technology systems were integrated into offices in the early 2000s, I didn’t panic. I saw an opportunity to establish effective processes that support employees and businesses grappling with evolving technology. Then a pattern emerged: internal teams kept failing to communicate with one another in the wake of change. To respond, I founded Lcubed Consulting. I help companies align people, processes, and technology to utilize agility as a strategic advantage and acknowledge change is a business constant. My secret sauce to success is leveraging key elements of Project Management, Process Performance Management, Internal Controls, and Organizational Change Management to build teams with the skills and capabilities to drive strategic results.

I am a 3-time #1 best-selling author. In my book, Future Proofing Cubed, I share my insights on productivity, profitability, and process refinement in business. My goal is to prepare my clients with the skills, capabilities, and self-reliance they need to thrive in the future without Lcubed’s guidance. With this notion, I have broken the typical consulting model.

I hold my Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media Management from Northern Arizona University.

I am a Project Management Professional and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

I was recognized as one of the Top 50 Female Leaders in Phoenix, by Women We Admire in 2022, as one of the Top 10 Women Leaders, by Industry Era in 2021 and Lcubed was recognized as a Top Change Management Consulting Company, HR TECH Outlook in 2020.

What You Get

The “Exclusive Self-Reliant Leadership Team” Program

This program involves a series of sessions designed to enhance the skills and capabilities of your leadership team… creating self-reliance. It operates on a cycle of bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly activities, with each timeframe dedicated to a specific focus.

Your leadership team will meet with me to address their unique needs and ensure they are on track with their responsibilities. As part of this commitment, these sessions will concentrate on a specific theme to deepen their understanding and application of leadership principles.

In addition, the Leadership Advisor will regularly attend team meetings to ensure your team’s efforts align with their goals. This is crucial in maintaining a unified direction, accountability, and sense of purpose.

Monthly, there’s an emphasis on strategic thinking. Your leadership team will expand their horizons, brainstorm about the future, and consider potential paths for innovation, growth, and scale.

Every quarter, the Leadership Advisor will guide your team on an in-depth exploration of leadership development and strategic planning. This session will establish the objectives and focus for the coming quarter.

The goal of this program is to develop self-reliance into your leadership team. The approach creates a balance between learning and applying these capabilities. It aims to build leadership practice and skills effectively for all participants. The structure of this program allows your leadership team to actualize their potential.



  1. A customer-centric approach enhances satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased revenue, operational efficiency, and unique customer experiences.
  2. A disruptive mindset fosters innovation, identifies unmet customer needs, and allows for growth opportunities.
  3. Assigning the right work to the right people results in improved efficiency, productivity, and job satisfaction.
  4. Empowering employees to anticipate and solve future problems cultivates a proactive and efficient organizational culture.
  5. Building a self-reliant team allows leaders to step away without fearing disruptions, promoting a healthier work-life balance.


Yolanda C


It was a great opportunity to work with you, Lisa!

I appreciate the time spent guiding us through some rocky starts and stops. We are in much better shape as a result of the work. I can see significant changes in the teams.

Thank you for being a sounding board for me as well as I walked through leadership transitions. You gave me some new tools and ways of thinking.

Timothy H


“I got to speak to Lisa when I was experiencing some stress at work and at home. Having someone patiently listen to me without dismissing what I had to say really helped me. I appreciate Lisa’s professionalism and would recommend her highly.”

Julia B


“Lisa’s expertise enables her to translate corporate strategy into actionable initiatives and results. Her innate critical thinking provides her with the ability to understand relationships between vision, execution, and measurable results. She keeps all situations in a proper perspective and is committed to driving persistently toward successful results.”

Bill B


“Lisa in three words “Swiss Army Knife.” She is a highly driven and intelligent individual with a commitment to excellence. Lisa’s Competence, Accountability, Integrity, Loyalty and Professionalism make her a valuable asset to any organization. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Lisa!”



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